Introducing the Experimental Hop Showcase

Thanks to our good friends at Live Wire Hops and Great Lakes hops, the Brewery Boys have been lucky enough to join a couple of experimental hop panels. Through these, we’ve been introduced to a variety of experimental hops created and grown by the fine folks at Great Lakes Hops. 6 hops in total; Mackinac, Michigan Copper, Paradigm, Emerald Spire, Bergamot, and Gemini.

We’ve been fortunate enough to use the Mackinac in our Nor’easter New England Style IPA for about a year now. Make sure to note the amazing tropical and citrus flavors this hop lends to this beer anytime in our taproom. 

With the great success we’ve had with this beer and the increasing trend for juicy, tropical, fruity IPA’s lately, we wanted to expand on this by introducing our “Experimental Hop Showcase IPA series” which consists of 4 unique IPA’s all with hops provided by Live Wire Hops and grown by Great Lakes Hops. The four beers in the series, feature four of these unique hops; Paradigm, Emerald Spire, Bergamot, and Gemini. These hops are very very limited release and as of now, we are the only ones in Illinois with these varieties available to imbibe! 

Amazingly, the Paradigm Shift is already sold out! This crazy tasty brew was far too exciting to just sit on our cooler shelves! Emerald Spire is currently available in 500 ML bottles (just like all the beers in this series). Project Gemini and Bergamot will be available in the next few weeks as well! 

Make sure you come down and try a bottle! And tag Prairie Street, Live Wire Hops, and Great Lakes hops and show the world you’re one of the first to experience these insanely remarkable hops!

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