Meet the Chefs

Josh Tourville

Executive Chef

Executive Chef Josh Tourville has been cooking in Rockford kitchens and restaurants for as long as he can remember. Upon graduating High School Josh was accepted into the Culinary School of Cordon Bleu and was preparing himself to go when he decided last minute he would hold off.

He was surrounded by talented chefs that were pouring all their knowledge into him and were refining the skills he had been developing thought he should submerse himself in it while he could. To his advantage, he developed an impeccable ability to create dishes that would shock even those working close to him.

Chef Tourville has worked every job in every type of restaurant; from fine dining to casual fare making him an expert at knowing exactly what his Rockford clientele love.

You can catch him visiting the Brewpub restaurant often to personally check in on his customers and dishes.


Executive Chef

David Acosta

Executive Event Chef

Chef David Acosta is our Executive Event Chef. Alongside Executive Chef Josh Tourville, he helps provide the highest quality, tastiest, and most beautiful dishes for all our events. Chef David has been in the kitchen for more than 20 years honing his craft – which will be evident when you first taste his outstanding food.

Consistency and freshness are hallmarks of the catering kitchen at Prairie Street Brewing Co, and as David says, “we put out hundreds of dishes any given evening, but every single plate is important. Every individual plate is going to a single person that we care about. Every bite needs to be perfect, every time.”

Pop in the brewpub once service is over and say hi to Chef David and his crew. He’ll be the guy in a chef coat enjoying a Rocktown Brown!

Executive Event Chef

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