A Wedding Venue Like No Other

When an Englishman craft brewer named Jonathan Peacock first began construction of Prairie Street Brewing Co.’s incredibly unique building in 1857, his driving force was the love of making people happy with his amazing beer. Imagine how pleased Peacock would be to know how many people have been inspired to celebrate their love for each other in his historic old building. Every time the thought crosses our minds, we can’t help but smile.

Each of the vows that have been spoken here add to the aura of love that permeates Peacock’s old native limestone, rough-hewn timbers and hand-set bricks. For wedding ceremonies and receptions, Prairie Street Brewing Co. is pleased to offer couples and wedding planners an amazing menu of event spaces and services to help make your big day as special as it is destined to be.

At nearly 6,000 sq ft, the Barrel Room is our most-photographed home for wedding receptions and dinners. 

 The Malt Room, measuring 1,500 sq ft, serves as a perfect location for many supplemental activities. 

Our Ice Cellar, also measuring 1,500 sq ft, has historic charm with a unique, gorgeous bar.

And of course, we have an expansive dock with a commanding view of the lovely Rock River that can seat up to 300 guests.

Our experienced, accommodating staff is here to help you make the right decisions, and never look back. We work seamlessly with you and/or your wedding planners to ensure you will do nothing but enjoy yourselves on your wedding day. Our goal is a joyful, stress-free experience of historic proportions!

Contact us at 815-277-9427 EXT 2 for pricing information or to schedule an appointment.

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“We’re from Sugar Grove and wanted to have a wedding in a super special place. We looked at other options with what I’d call ‘industrial chic,” but nothing came close to Prairie Street’s authenticity and atmosphere.”

Robb + Corinne Pratt

“…everyone’s alway talking about how cool it was. As soon as we walked in and met the staff, we fell in love with the place. We liked the blend of rustic and industrial, the beauty of the building and the river. It just  says, ‘history.”

KYLE + FAITH Groenhagen

“We loved Prairie Street Brewing Co. at first sight. But, we really fell in love with it on our wedding day when my wife was so dehydrated she ended up in the emergency room. Honestly, our wedding could have been a total disaster. But, Prairie Street came through, made changes on the fly and even though our ceremony on the dock started two hours late, everything was perfect. Just beautiful. The Prairie Street staff opened the bar while we were at the hospital and our guests had a surprise pre-wedding party for the record books. When we finally showed up, they were having an amazing time and everyone rolled into the ceremony in a great mood. What a memorable day! We love going back and reliving our good wedding day memories.”

Collin + Holly Beck

“My fiancé (now husband) and Ilive in Milwaukee. We looked at Milwaukee and its wedding venue first, but I eventually realized I really wanted to have our wedding at home in Rockford – but I didn’t know where in Rockford. I was home for a visit and talking about venues with my Mom and she told me about Prairie Street Brewing Co. She and Dad love it. They go there just about every week and do the Dinner on the Dock all summer. She said I HAD to see it. I went with our wedding planner and thought it was perfect as soon as I walked into the building. When we went out on the docks, I knew it was perfect. My husband is a big craft beer fan so he was sold on it, too. The people there were so good to us and so professional. They had plans and backup plans. Everything went off without a hitch and I was so happy. All our vendors worked seamlessly with our planner and the Prairie Street staff. We had a lot of out-of-town guests and every single one of them was impressed. People still talk about our wedding to this day. We definitely made the right choice.”


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